Bridging loan – that’s how I did it despite credit bureau

We help you find a suitable bridging loan for free!

We help you find a suitable bridging loan for free!

What to do in case of a short-term financial disaster? A bridging loan can help! So I managed to borrow money quickly and immediately online. Am to get a bridging loan in 24 hours.

My story and how you can also do it online to get a bridging loan and immediately and today still get money on the account. Easy to get cash quickly.

Why my house bank could not help me. My tips for you published here so that you can borrow money quickly and easily today.

If you read my article here and are interested in my story, then you are currently looking for a bridging loan. Where can I borrow money for credit problems? Or, after a solution, quickly borrow money and, if possible, get an online loan with an instant pledge.

It does not matter if you are looking for a mini credit or you want to borrow a bigger amount of money. In principle, everyone asks the same question: How do I get cash immediately?

How it all started:

I moved from the USA to Germany. With bag and bag and with my entire family. Three children and my wife. The move was very fast and I already knew in the US that I did not want to change my dollars into euros.

So I came up with the idea to take a bridging loan. It was better to take private money at this time than to change the weak dollar into euros. My loss would have been more than 40%. So a cheap loan can also become a business.

So what to do? Right. Why not lend cheaper and easier money? Even if I only wanted to take a short-term loan. It is still better than switching my dollars saved in euros and losing a much larger amount of money.

And that was how it was clear to me. I had to figure out how to lend money. Immediately payout could come. Borrowing money quickly and easily online – that had to be possible. My first thought was clear. As soon as I arrive in Munich, just go directly to the nearest bank and ask for a loan.

Said and done. And so, I confidently went to the local bank in hopes of getting a cheap Delta loan. Or, my second idea. I mean, who can lend me money? To get a simple installment loan from Volksbank. The loan calculator on their homepage had lured me. A cheap, short-term financing or a credit immediate promise seemed to me to be a surefire thing.

Well, both ideas were scrap. Because both banks had declared in a few minutes a cancellation. Beinhart, and without ifs and buts. The reasoning was clear. First, I was a foreigner. I had no social security number and no income. These loan requirements were not really the best for me.

And so it happened that I had to forget about the banks. Yes, I immediately realized that I could not take a bridge loan from any local bank. Because usually the banks all proceed according to the same conditions to get a loan! And at that time I could not meet these credit requirements for the banks.

So what to do? I just wanted to have a mini loan something that could teach me for at least 6 months. After forgetting the banks, it continues with my wealth ideas. So forget the banks I told myself what I needed are probably private online lenders. That’s the only way I can borrow money privately today!

Maybe there are online platforms where people lend each other private money. After only a few minutes I was able to find the big and common credit platforms.

Whether this is Auxmoney, Smava or Bonkredit. Yet. I had a problem with all these providers. What was my problem? Since I was a foreigner and I did not have a credit rating in Germany so far, I had to get up and improve my credit bureau Score. Only then would these platforms accept me.

Tip: You should know your own credit rating. Read more about how you can apply for a free credit bureau self-assessment in just 3 minutes.

And so it happened that for many online lenders I had filled out forms for hours. And after I really tried to fill everything properly. Boom. Cancellation for cancellation and cancellation. Nobody wanted to lend me money. So what can I do now and how can I get money?

And I was really frustrated. Because how the hell did I prove to these credit providers that I had enough money. Or that I also have a job, but I will not get any money until one month from now. The situation was really quite frustrating, even private lenders using a personal loan seemed unreachable.

But I knew. It had to be somehow and somewhere another way. A possibility that I probably had not even considered. But what other possibilities did I have to get cash quickly?

Loans in Germany

Loans in Germany

Having lived in the US for many years and going back to the US today, I was keenly thinking about what went wrong in the US when it comes to getting a bridging loan.

And so it was obvious that I had tried to find similar private lenders from the USA in Germany. But nothing. Nope. If I had tried to take a euro loan, then the credit providers from the United States thankfully refused. It was really spellbound and I still wondered, “How do I get cash right away?”

And so I kept digging and digging until I had the best and most decisive idea. To get a bridging loan. Simple, fast and direct and without any problems. And that had to be possible in Germany too. Without any bureaucratic hurdles.

Without lengthy requests, or filling in forms for hours. I need money fast without ifs and buts. Quick and instant and I could hear no tired and boring excuses from banks. And so I was totally happy and happy to have lived in the USA for many years.

The bright spot

The bright spot

Why was the US such a bright spot for me? Very easily. In the US, loans are advertised quite differently and handled differently. And the magic word was … well … how could it be otherwise … to apply for a credit card without credit bureau.

Well, not that you now think that you can only apply for a credit card without credit bureau if you have an account with your bank. Applying for credit cards online is relatively easy. The providers are most private companies that are in competition with the banks.

The application is simple and the money is available immediately. Boom. Well, that was a really great ray of hope. A great idea. And how it turned out. The best idea I had at this time.

Why did I keep thinking about bank loans? And why not a lightning loan from private investors? Or a loan with a refinancing? I just wanted a bridging loan. At the same time I can consider everything and should not be so dependent on the banks.

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